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As a Franchise Team Member, you’ll make a difference in your community, not only for your students and their parents, but for your employees, your business, and yourself.

Here are just some of what our franchisees have to say about our support system, our mentor program, our marketing plan, and the rewards of owning their own franchise location.

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What Our Franchisees Say

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"The Tutoring Center provides its franchisees with everything that they would need to establish a working learning center on their own."

Jonathan Smith, Franchisee,
The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell, NJ

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Mentor Program

"I have grown tremendously in my self-confidence and in my presentation skills to parents. I have learned how to respond to their indecisiveness and excuses and how to lead the discussion with probing questions that positively lead to higher enrollment"

Pam Martinez, Franchisee,
The Tutoring Center, Roseville, CA

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"One of the reasons we selected The Tutoring Center was because of the processes and best practices that were in place. We didn't want to reinvent the wheel."

Mike Murphy, Franchisee,

The Tutoring Center, Middletown, DE

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"I am so happy and super excited. Helping children is something that makes me feel great every day."

Missa Rajjo, Franchisee,
The Tutoring Center, West Bloomfield, MI

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"It is like being part of a family who gives us the support we need to make it on our own. It has allowed me to make a dream of mine come true."

Helen Young, Franchisee,
The Tutoring Center,
Flower Mound, TX

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"Helping children whom everyone has given up on fulfills me. I finally realized why I was unhappy and why I needed to make a change in my life. I then put in 'Tutoring Centers' in a Google search, and our website came up, and things changed forever."

Dr. Peter Ancona, Franchisee,
The Tutoring Center, Oviedo, FL

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"We had a strict criteria for selecting a business, and only The Tutoring Center made the cut because of its programs, system, and financial business model."

Aman Bhardwaj, Franchisee,
The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek, GA

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"The Tutoring Center's values and approach are not only unique in the industry, they are also critical to the success of the business and truly differentiate The Tutoring Center from the six other tutoring businesses that we evaluated."

Sangeeta Solanki, Franchisee,
The Tutoring Center, Sugar Hill, GA

Tutors with students
Tutors with students
Tutors with students
Tutors with students
Tutors with students
Tutors with students

What Our Families Say

"The Tutoring Center is exactly what my child needed to give him an extra boost for school. All of the staff is very professional and very nice. My son looks forward to going to tutoring, even after a whole day at school. All of the teachers already know his name, even after just a few weeks of going. I feel like we have found a permanent solution to any problems we have in school now and in the future. I am looking forward to my son and myself developing a long-term relationship with the center and all of the staff. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who thinks their child can benefit from extra help with school.”

Heather H.
The Tutoring Center, Flower Mound TX

"Just after going for a few weeks our daughter's confidence has increased tremendously and she went from getting a 26% to an 80% on her math test! The staff is very nice and caring! She can't wait to go back every week! Thank you!"

Miranda H.
The Tutoring Center, Glendale AZ

"The Tutoring Center was very helpful in getting our daughter back on track when we moved to the area. She was behind and unmotivated with very little confidence when she began. She now has no issue with completing her homework and never speaks of "hating math" which used to be a daily complaint. The instructors are helpful and professional. The owner, truly cares about these students and takes an interest in their lives and wellbeing - not just in math. She is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. I would definitely recommend The Tutoring Center!"

M. Ware
The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO

"We love the Tutoring Center. We have been bringing our son here for 3 years now! He has straight As, is confident and loves coming to enhance his learning! The best part is the fact that they listen to your concerns about what your child struggles with, and then they put a plan into action to help them improve!!! They have genuine interest in seeing your child succeed and are real partners in the learning experience for your child. It is worth every penny to see the confidence on our son's face!"

Terry W.
The Tutoring Center, Middletown DE

"I am so glad to have found the Tutoring Center for my two children. They have different academic needs and their programs are tailored to exactly what their weaknesses are in school. My daughter a third grader is enrolled in the reading program and we have seen immediate growth and results in her reading at home and in school. My son is a fifth grader and needed help with writing. The program has helped him so much with critical writing skills required in every subject area of school. We have tried other tutoring centers such as Kumon and Huntington. The difference with the Tutoring Center is that they have specific set goals and realistic end points to the complete the tutoring. Very happy with the program."

Sheila A.
The Tutoring Center, Birmingham MI

"My son started there at the beginning of Summer and has made great strides in a short period of time.The people are wonderful! My son comes out proud and confident about what they have worked on in each session. I've told all my friends about the services offered and will continue to do so. If your child needs extra help or a good challenge this is the place for them!"

Heather L.
The Tutoring Center, League City TX

"There is no doubt that the reason my children are doing better in school is because of The Tutoring Center. The owner and his entire staff are truly amazing and my kids enjoy going."

The Malefyt Family
The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ

"We love the Tutoring Center! My daughter really enjoys it. A very friendly, and open atmosphere. The Center Director is great! She really knows each child individually and makes the kids feel so special. The tutors are phenomenal! I HIGHLY recommend The Tutoring Center!"

Dana C
The Tutoring Center, Clemson-Seneca SC

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    The Tutoring Center® is exactly what my child needed to give him an extra boost for school. My son looks forward to going to tutoring, even after a whole day at school. I feel like we have found a permanent solution to any problems we have in school now and in the future.
    —Heather H.

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    The Tutoring Center® has been helping our son to improve his reading skills. He likes the environment. The consistency of the program is comforting, and he is motivated by the reward system. Consequently, he usually has a positive attitude about attending, which is one of the best things about the center for us, because in the past he could be resistant to extra help.
    —Steve B.

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    The free diagnostic test gave us great insight into where our daughter currently is academically and where she needs to be. The tutors work one on one with her and she can't wait to go.
    —Rachael T.

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    After a couple months of attending tutoring her report card was all A's and she had increased 3 reading levels! We couldn't be happier and more impressed!
    —Jamie M.


Now with over 120 locations in 23 states, The Tutoring Center® continues to grow as we fulfill our mission to empower children to reach their potential.

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