Request Franchise Brochure

Request Franchise Brochure

Let's get started. Your first step is to request our comprehensive Franchise Brochure and DVD.

If you have a passion for changing the lives of the children in your community and want to learn more, then simply fill out the form below to request a Franchise Brochure. This will only take you two minutes to complete and will let us know that you are serious about receiving more information. After receiving the form, we will email you a password which will grant you access to THE TUTORING CENTER FRANCHISE INFORMATION PACKET along with the ability to view THE TUTORING CENTER FRANCHISE DVD. You will be happy you did!

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Telephone Conference

THE TUTORING CENTER will be mailing you a Franchise Brochure this week. In the meantime, we would like to schedule an initial telephone conference with you so that we can answer some of your initial questions and we can begin to get to know you better.

Please select your preferred telephone conference date and time:
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Note: We cannot guarantee that either of the selected times will be available.

Employment and Educational Background
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Personal Background
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Are you interested in a business that has a positive impact on the children of your community?
Do you enjoy working with children?
Do you have a strong desire to own a business dedicated to quality customer service?
Are you willing to devote the effort necessary to build your business?
Are you a team player?
Are you willing to follow a successful and proven system?
Do you have a reputation for integrity and honesty in your business and personal relationships?
Are you willing to make the necessary financial commitment to be successful?
Do you have a high level of energy and enthusiasm?
Do you have a willingness to learn?
Are You Ready for Franchise Ownership?
We are looking for people that are qualified and prepared to move forward with owning their own business. We want applicants that are qualified financially and understand that it is the right time in their life for running and owning your own business. While the rewards for owning your own business are great, it is not for everyone. These questions will help us and you determine if this is the right time in your life to move forward and own your own business.
Do you have any major obstacles to Business Ownership? Yes No
Do you have at least $40,000 in liquid capital from your current savings, bank accounts, pensions, and other investments?
Do you have the right situation in your life to purchase a franchise?
Do you own a home?
Do you need family support for your initial investment?
Are you leaving a job with steady income to open a business?
Is your spouse 100% on board with you owning your own business?
Are you considering moving to another city in the next 6 months?
Are you in the process of selling a home or business for necessary funding?
Do you see yourself opening your own business in the next 6-12 months?
Do you have genuine fear of owning your own business?
Which Benefits are Most Important to You?
Franchise Benefits Very Important Important Doesn't Matter Not Important
Monday to Thursday [3:30 to 7:30] tutoring sessions
Time to enjoy life, more time with family and friends
A business that is really appreciated by my community
Change the lives of children in my community
Proven, Time-Tested System [best in after-school industry]
Proven Marketing Plan
Enjoy working with Franchise Team
Low Franchise Fees and Initial Investment
Flat rate royalty payment
No Mandatory Advertising Fund paid to franchisor
Do you want to be part of a Value-Based Organization?
Yes No
Integrity: Do you feel you can make a strong commitment to protect THE TUTORING CENTERíS Brand and operate your Center as part of an approved System.
Quality: Are you committed to excellent in all things you do? Do you feel you can make sure your Center is in the best physical condition possible; that if you observe anything that needs to be fixed or repaired, you do so as soon as possible. Do you feel you can require your staff to use "The Rotational Approach to Learning" at all times, and for all students?
Enthusiasm: Do you feel you can create a "culture" of enthusiasm and passion at your Center? (This "culture" of enthusiasm will keep your students coming back year after year)
Service: Do you feel you can offer the finest possible Customer Service to your Staff, Parents, and Students...the type that will "wow" your community? (we call our kind of customer service....ACS...for "Aggressive Customer Service")
Teamwork: Do you feel you can work as a team with The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp and other franchisees to help us all become a better company?


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