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The Tutoring Center - Empowering Children to Reach Their Potential
The Tutoring Center - Empowering Children to Reach Their Potential

THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2015 Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction Awards THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2014 Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction Awards
THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2013 Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction Awards
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THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2010 Top 50 Franchise Award
THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2010 Top 50 Franchise Award

THE TUTORING CENTER Franchise Opportunity

Education and after-school learning is one of the most important growth industries in the United States.... even if the economy is not doing as well as it should. Helping children in your community achieve academic success, motivation, and confidence is an incredibly rewarding experience and continues to be one of the most important issues facing our country.

The U.S. educational market is second only to health care as a percentage of gross national product now exceeding $700 billion. Tremendous profit potential exists for the private sector to provide outside supplemental services and can take advantage of the growing student population while at the same time finding ways to streamline the inefficiency that exists in schools today.

Newsweek Poll "42% of Americans believe there is a great need for private outside tutoring."

Business Annual growth
Post-office rental 13.0
Temporary help services 10.7
Child day-care centers 8.5
Travel agencies 6.6
Child fitness play programs 6.5
Real estate agencies 5.6
Auto muffler repair shops 5.5
Commercial cleaning services 5.2
Tax preparation services 5.2
Weight loss services 4.8

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The Educational Market

The market for supplemental education is growing and growing. With "the no child left behind act," the financial opportunity this represents for our franchisees is very rewarding. If you are considering to invest in a franchise, there is no better place than supplemental education. Marketdata Enterprises, a New York research firm ranked the 12 most promising markets for franchising.

So, if you're tired of working for someone else, or thinking of striking out on your own, THE TUTORING CENTER is poised for "greatness".

Listen as Angela Kayfes describes her franchising experience with THE TUTORING CENTER.


Over two decades of testing and refining, THE TUTORING CENTER has developed a "winning formula." Our franchise opportunity is unique because you have the ability to change the lives of children while investing in your future. What could be better than that! Running one of our centers is a personally rewarding and enriching business opportunity. You can create a lifestyle for yourself that positively influences the lives of children in your community. In other words, "you'll make a difference!"

Owning one of our franchises affords you recognition and a "time-tested" system. We give you a proven method of doing business in this industry. We take great pride in creating a successful relationship with our franchisees. In short, we are "partners in your success." It's important to us that we create an environment of teamwork. We work with our franchisees to make the entire company more successful. By working together and supporting your needs, you receive all the tools to run a successful business in our industry.

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Dr. Thalheimer at New Center Grand Opening

Grand Opening Support

We provide you with significant support and guidance in helping you open your business. Here are just a few ways we help you with in getting your Center up and running:

  1. Assistance with site selection and location.
  2. Assistance with building out and designing your Center.
  3. Assistance with your entire start-up inventory including furniture, equipment, signs, and educational and marketing materials.
  4. Formal Training Program (unlimited training support at no additional cost).
  5. Operations Manual that details every aspect of opening, running and marketing your Center.
  6. Guidance with hiring staff.
  7. The Franchise Support Team provides you with everything thing you need to train your staff and open your business. We are there for you every step of the way.
  8. We provide you with a time-tested, proven, and highly effective Marketing Plan that includes everything you need to get new students enrolled at your Center. This includes a large assortment of Marketing and Advertising templates designed to let your community know how effective THE TUTORING CENTER is with helping children succeed.
  9. Ongoing operational support at no additional charge.
  10. Unlimited training at no additional charge.
  11. Franchise Mentor Program: We assign you with a very successful franchisee before you open your business. As a Protege you will work with your Mentor every week to ensure you have a great Grand Opening and successful first year of business.

Are You the Type of Person We Seek to Join Our Team?

Before your Discovery Day, you may wonder what qualifications you need to be awarded one of our franchises. Do not worry if you do not have a degree or experience in education. We look for a few qualities that do not have anything to do with the field of education or tutoring. We know the qualities you should possess to do well in this business. Our most successful franchisees are those that have a high level of energy and enthusiasm, a love for people (especially children), a drive to succeed, a passion for high quality, and a strong commitment to service. They also want to work with us as a "Team".

Prospective applicants must complete a comprehensive qualifying process before being selected. Becoming a Franchise Team Member can be both a financially rewarding and an extremely gratifying opportunity, but its not for everyone.

To help you discover if you are the type of person we seek to join our team, we ask that you answer many questions about your personal and financial background and your professional experience during Discovery Day. Questions such as:

1. Are you interested in a business that has a positive impact on the children of your community?
2. Do you enjoy working with children?
3. Do you have a strong desire to own a business dedicated to quality customer service?
4. Are you willing to devote a full-time effort necessary to build your business?
5. Are you a team player?
6. Are you willing to follow a successful and proven system?
7. Do you have a reputation for integrity and honesty in your business and personal relationships?
8. Are you willing to make the necessary financial commitment to be successful?
9. Do you have a high level of energy and enthusiasm?
10. Do you have a willingness to learn?

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What is Your Investment?

The initial investment to open a Center is contained in our Franchise Disclosure Document. You can download this document off our web site - make sure to complete our Pre-Qualification form first! You will also receive an official Franchise Disclosure Document at your Discovery Day.

THE TUTORING CENTER supplies you with everything you need to open your center through our various approved National vendors. THE TUTORING CENTER has kept its initial opening costs to a very reasonable level because we want your opening to be successful. We only do well, "if you do well."

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Your Training Program

THE TUTORING CENTER offers the most comprehensive support and Training Program in our industry. Besides an ongoing comprehensive support system, new franchisees go through an intensive, highly focused Franchise Training Program that includes the following topics:

  • Finding a great location for your business and signing your lease.
  • Building out your Center.
  • Inventory, Preparing your Center.
  • Academic Programs - you receive extensive training on the various academic programs, how to choose a program for the student, and how to monitor the child's progress.
  • Running your classrooms - we give you extensive "hands-on" training in running your classrooms and training your staff.
  • Running your Front Office - we give you extensive "hands-on" training on running your front office and procedures for enrolling students, working with the computer system, and monitoring student attendance.
  • Marketing, Advertising & Student Enrollment - we have developed a substantial and proven marketing plan that you will have access to. We have powerful creative material designed to help you reach as many parents as possible.
  • Recruiting and Hiring employees - we show you how to recruit the best instructors for our system, and how to maintain consistent staffing.
  • Customer Service - we give you extensive training on customer service necessary to maintain and increase student enrollment.

You also receive ongoing training, support, and certification with our Multi-Media Interactive Training. You will have instant answers to your questions via telephone and live video conferences. You will also receive valuable newsletters and training seminars. We are there to offer help, advice, support, and assistance every step of the way.


If you feel you would like to be a part of our "elite" team of franchise team members, complete the online confidential Brochure Request. This form will only take you a few minutes to complete.
Before you are invited to Discovery Day, you will participate in a 30 to 60 minute telephone conference with our Franchise Support staff.
After a careful review of your background and enthusiasm to become one of our franchisees, you will be invited to visit our Corporate Headquarters and Training Facility in Long Beach, California. During your Discovery Day visit, you will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document which contains a history, full investment details, and a copy of the Franchise Agreement. Your visit gives you the opportunity to meet company officials and the entire Support Team. An agenda for your Discovery Day is detailed on this web site.
After your Discovery Day you will have a second Interview with our Support Team. At this interview, we will discuss your Discovery Day and answer more of your questions.
Once your second Interview is completed we will be able to give you a preliminary franchise award which enables you to move forward with your due diligence and get more specific details on our System and our Franchise.
After your Discovery Day, you will undergo a series of easy assignments that will help you with your due diligence, and will give us more information about your desire to become one of our "elite" franchise team members. Included in your assignments is contacting various franchisees so you can ask more questions and for further interview. These assignments will take up to 30 days.
After you have completed your post-Discovery Day assignments, you will have a final telephone conference with Dr. Thalheimer who personally makes every selection to ensure that we have the strongest, most capable franchisees in the industry.
After your telephone conference with Dr. Thalheimer, you will be notified if you are awarded a formal franchise award. If yes, you will then be able to execute your Franchise Agreement and get started in your new career and incredible journey helping the children of your community.
You are now ready to become a member of our Franchise Team. If you are selected, the Franchise Agreement will be sent to you along with instructions on signing the documents. You will have 30 days from the receipt of the Franchise Agreement to execute the agreements and return them to us.
Your Next Steps


THE TUTORING CENTER is committed to growth through franchising our System. With over two decades of experience, THE TUTORING CENTER knows what it takes for you to open your Center and to run it successfully.

We applaud you in your investigation into this challenging and rewarding industry. We welcome you to find out more about the requirements and expectations of becoming one of our elite Franchise Team Members. Every week, thousands of students are reaching academic success at our centers. Discover the rewarding experience of making a difference in the lives of children in your community. By moving forward and visiting us at your Discovery Day, you will move closer to realizing your dream of running your own business, and making a positive contribution to your community.

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