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The Tutoring Center - Empowering Children to Reach Their Potential
The Tutoring Center - Empowering Children to Reach Their Potential

THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2015 Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction Awards THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2014 Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction Awards
THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2013 Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction Awards
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THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2010 Top 50 Franchise Award
THE TUTORING CENTER Voted 2010 Top 50 Franchise Award

Benefits of Being a Part of THE TUTORING CENTER Franchise Team

  • Listen as Collin Smith describes his experience with THE TUTORING CENTER's Franchise Team.

    Monday to Thursday: Enjoy a 3-day weekend every week! Most of our Centers are closed for 3-Day weekends.
  • Great Part-Time Hours & Lifestyle: Our Franchisees deserve a great lifestyle with plenty of time to spend with family, go on vacations, and enjoy life. Centers are open Monday to Thursday from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Every weekend is a 3-day weekend, no paperwork or long hours here!! This is a "true" business that will work for you even if you are not there.
  • No Late Nights or Weekends working on Paperwork: Everything is done at the Center during working hours. Your Head Instructor completes all the necessary paperwork.
  • Change the lives of Children in your Community: Being a part of our team means that you will make a difference in the lives of the children in your community. In other words, you will be very appreciated in your neighborhood for really making a difference. What could be more gratifying than that!
  • Finest "System" in the After-school Learning Industry: Our "system" is time tested over two decades and proven to rapidly increase academic skills while building strong concentration, focus, and attention. None of our competitors can offer this combination.
  • No Teaching Experience Necessary: Franchisees run the business, while your tutors work with the children.
  • Large exclusive territories: We offer a 5 mile distance between Centers. This gives you about an 80 square mile protected territory compared to our competitors which place their locations only 2.5 miles apart.
  • No Accounts Receivable: All your tuition payments are collected automatically each month using our EFT (electronic funds transfer) Direct Tuition Collection System. This makes it so easy to collect your tuition payments up front, month after month.
  • Easy to find Instructors and Staff: There is a large pool of readily available, part-time employees that look forward to working at THE TUTORING CENTER. We show you how to find the best instructors possible. Most of our Centers have a "waiting list"!
  • Low Franchise Fee and Royalty Fees: Your franchise and royalty fees are substantially below competitors....and we are the only after-school franchisor that will GUARANTEE this low rate for the life of your agreement.
  • Cost of Operations: There is no comparison between the costs to run your Tutoring Center and the other leaders in our Industry; all of which makes THE TUTORING CENTER such a unique investment opportunity.

      THE TUTORING CENTER Other Leaders in Our Industry
    Franchise Fee $32,000 $35,000 - $45,000
    Flat Rate Royalty Payment $1000 flat rate 10%
    ($4,000 per month)
    Advertising Fund None 3%
    ($6,000 per year)
    Advertising Minimum None $2,000 - $5,000
    per month
    # Students for
    6-8k/mo profit
    (low pressure sales)
    (high pressure sales)
    Territory 5 miles
    (80 square miles)
    2.5 miles
    (20 square miles)

  • "The Boss is You." As with owning any business, you are in control of your destiny. "Instead of working in a business, let your business work for you!" Wouldn't it be great to fire your Boss?
  • "Grand Opening" Assistance. Your Franchise Support Team gives you everything you need to open your Center.
  • Marketing Support. Franchisees are fully equipped with a comprehensive Marketing Plan as well as prepared marketing materials for a local campaign.
  • Established System. By far, the biggest advantage of becoming one of our franchisees is the strength of our System. The Tutoring Center's System is time-tested for decades, proven to achieve substantial results, and easy to learn. The Tutoring Center System separates us from all other learning franchises.
  • Reduced Risk. For all of these reasons, starting a franchise with The Tutoring Center has less risk than starting a business from nothing. Research shows that while 9 out of 10 franchises succeed past 5 years, only 1 out of 10 new startup businesses succeed. In other words, "we've done the work, now let the THE TUTORING CENTER System work for you."

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